Art Gallery of Alberta

Two of Ella May Walker's paintings were loaned by the Archives to the Art Gallery of Alberta for their March 10-June 3, 2012 exhibit: Alberta Mistresses of the Modern: 1935-1975.

Exhibits and Shows

Ella exhibited her artwork (either solo or as part of a group) almost yearly from the mid 1930s to the late 1940s. Some examples include:

  • Women Sketch Hunters of Alberta (1935)
  • Edmonton Normal School (1937)
  • Hudson’s Bay Dining Room Lounge (1938)
  • University of Alberta (1940)
  • Empire Room of the Hudson’s Bay Company (1942)
  • Vancouver Art Gallery (1948)
  • Saskatoon Art Centre (1948)

Even after her death, her work continues to be displayed in shows and galleries:

  • Archives and Landmark Committee (1960)
  • Opening of the Calgary and Edmonton Southside Railway Station (1985)
  • Victoria Composite High School Gallery (1992)
  • Edmonton Art Gallery travelling exhibition (1992-1993)
  • Government House (2004)
  • Art Gallery of Alberta – Alberta Mistresses of the Modern: 1935-1975 (2012)

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