The Committee is Created

The Archives and Landmarks Committee was first proposed in 1938. Edmonton's Public Librarian, H. C. Gourlay, was appointed archivist, and the collection of historic material began.

Ella May Walker served on the Archives and Landmarks Committee from its creation in 1947 until 1953.

Despite its early beginning, little happened until 1947, when Bylaw 1121 was passed, establishing the Archives and Landmarks Committee.

Bylaw 1121 [MS 52 Item 19]

1948 Annual Report [RG21-A92-6]


  1. To identify places of historical interest in the city;
  2. To identify sources from which historical materials could be obtained;
  3. To record current events which may become of interest in the future; and
  4. To create and maintain public interest in the objects of the Committee.

Ella May Walker's Role

Ella was primarily involved in the first and last goals. Though her work on Fortress North she had identified a number of historic places, buildings and objects in Edmonton.

Map of Historic Sites created by Ella May Walker [EAA-1-15]

It was recommended that those places should be preserved if possible, and that all should receive historical markers.

McDougall Methodist Church 1892 [EA-10-383]
Detail: McDougall Methodist Church

The sites identified by the committee were all pre-1900, with particular emphasis on resources associated with early prominent Edmontonians and early institutions, highlighting the public’s fascination with their pioneer-era forbearers after the Second World War.

Archives & Landmarks Committee Photo Gallery