Halloween in Edmonton: 1900-1950

This bibliography is designed to situate the records used in the City of Edmonton Archives Halloween in Edmonton: 1900-1950 virtual exhibit in their larger context. It shows where these disparate records come from by grouping them by creator rather than by subject.

Wherever possible, links to catalogue entries in our online catalogue have been included. We also have some further catalogue information in our reference room.

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MS Fonds (Private records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
MS-224   Ethel MacKenzie fonds
MS-138   Mrs. C. Charters fonds
MS-59   Hubert A. Hollingworth fonds
  EA-160-532 Halloween, 1935
  EA-160-1005 Halloween Group, 1933
  EA-160-3103 "More Spooks", 1933

RG Fonds (City of Edmonton records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
RG-11   City of Edmonton. Commissioners fonds.
  7.3 File 201 City Police Department Special Report re. Damage Done Hallowe'en Night

Photographs (with no associated fonds)

Record Title
EB-23-32 Boy & Girl in Halloween Costume c. 1915
EA-600-523a June Budnick taken to police headquarters after becoming lost on Halloween night, 1947
EA-600-1624b Halloween party for kids at Highlands Community League Hall, 1948
EA-600-1624d Halloween party for kids at Highlands Community League Hall, 1948
EA-600-1625a Halloween feature: Phillip Warner, 1948
EA-600-1625b Halloween feature: Elizabeth Rutledge, 1948
EA-600-1625c Halloween feature: Ivy Boureier, 1948
EA-600-1625d Halloween feature: Carol MacDonald, 1948
EA-600-1625e Halloween feature: Errol Marliss and W. Lamb, 1948
EA-600-1625f Halloween feature: Harvey Sawyer, 1948
EA-600-1625h Halloween special, 1948
EA-600-1625i Halloween special, 1948
EA-600-3192c Orphan Home Hallowe'en Party. Two children in costumes, 1949
EA-600-3192d Orphan Home Hallowe'en Party. Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig, 1949
EA-600-3192g Orphan Home Hallowe'en Party, 1949
EA-600-3192h Orphan Home Hallowe'en Party: Dunking for apples, 1949
EA-600-3192i Orphan Home Hallowe'en Party, 1949
EA-600-3214b Hallowe'en feature, 1949
EA-600-6051a Halloween Hi-Jinks: costumed Richard Burkholder, Barbara McPhee, Barbara Short, Kathleen Wark, Sue Davies, Fae Wotherspoon and Clare Burkholder, 1950
EA-600-6051c Apple bobbing: Barb McPhee and Kathleen Wark, 1950
EA-600-6051d Jelly Bean Hi Jinks: Barb McPhee, Clare Burkholder, Fae Wotherspoon, Barbara Short and Kathleen Wark, 1950


“Halloween Ball” Edmonton Bulletin, October 17, 1902
“Society Assembles at the Macdonald to Commemorate The Festival of Hallowe’en” Edmonton Bulletin, November 1, 1911
“Optimists Are Hosts At Gay Hallowe’en Party in Glenora” Edmonton Bulletin, October 31, 1929
“Hallowe’en” Edmonton Capital, October 31, 1913
“Boots and Her Buddies” Edmonton Bulletin, October 30, 1927
“Trained Bees Protect Gate From Pranksters” Edmonton Bulletin, November 1, 1927
“Tonight’s the Night! Edmonton Youngsters Preparing For Raids” Edmonton Bulletin, October 31, 1928


Blue Ribbon Cook Book by Blue Ribbon Limited c.1900

Table and Kitchen by Price Baking Powder Co., 1913

The following sources were used in the research for this exhibit:

Clippings Files



Dressed for Thrills: 100 Years of Halloween Costumes & Masquerade by Phyllis Galembo. Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2002.

Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night by Nicholas Rogers. Oxford University Press, 2002.

Halloween: Romantic Art and Customs of Yesteryear by Diane C. Arkins. Pelican Publishing Company, 2007.


The Edmonton Bulletin via Peel’s Prairie Provinces