Snow shoveling in winter

Clear sidewalks of snow and ice around your property as soon as possible to keep everyone moving safely.

Property owners play an important role in keeping neighbourhoods safe in winter by promptly removing snow and ice next to our property after a snowfall.

Snow and freeze/thaw cycles can result in hazardous, icy conditions on walkways and sidewalks. These conditions are a safety concern for everyone, particularly for those with limited mobility, service providers and waste collectors. Property owners should remove snow and ice as soon as possible, especially during days of continuous snowfall and during freeze/thaw cycles.

As residents of a winter city, we strive to be considerate of the impact snow-covered and icy sidewalks have on our neighbours and fellow citizens. 

Failure to maintain your sidewalks could result in a $100 fine plus the cost of snow removal.

Free sand is available at participating community leagues and Roadway Maintenance Yards.