Trail and Walkway Priorities

Priority 1: Major Facilities - arenas, pools and senior drop-in centres

Priority 2: River Valley Parks Paved Trails

Priority 3: Walkways

  • Residential Areas - Snow is cleared adjacent to parks, along the roadway or outside perimeter
  • Park Areas - Snow is cleared for specific park purposes if programs are offered 
  • Public Utility Lots (PUL) or adjacent to Municipal Reserves and Parkland - Snow is cleared if they connect pedestrians to major roadways and bus stops

Community Leagues are responsible for the sidewalks and the parking lots that fall within their lease areas.

Trail and Walkway Snow Clearing

  • Once 2.5 cm or 1 inch of snow has accumulated
  • Within 72 hours of a snowfall event, with the exception of priority bike network river valley trails 
  • Gravel trails are kept in their natural state during winter

Trail and Walkway Sweeping

  • Swept at the beginning of spring to remove any gravel, sand or debris 
  • Periodically swept during the spring and summer if there is too much debris or sand
  • Sweeping usually begins at 6:30am