Report Street Light Outage, Damaged or Fallen Poles

Submit a 311 Request or use the 311 app to report street lights that require maintenance such as light outages. Call 311 to report damaged or fallen poles.

Street Light Outages
Response times may take longer than 17 business days due to impacts on material availability and staffing capacity by the pandemic recovery. Some supply for materials can take 12-16 weeks, and sometimes longer, depending on availability from manufacturers. The City is coordinating efforts to provide the best quality response as possible under current circumstances.

Programs and Services

The City of Edmonton owns all street lights and infrastructure with maintenance covered under tendered service agreements with electrical contractors.

Please provide 311 an exact location when reporting a street light outage, damaged or fallen pole so that we can take care of the issue in a timely manner. Repair times may vary depending on available products, decorative features, specialty systems and coordination with utilities.

Power outages affecting more than street lights in an area should be reported directly to EPCOR. Call 780-412-4500.

Decorative Lighting

This is a local improvement that is initiated by the residents who are requesting decorative street light pole options. Repairs of existing decorative or colour fixtures may have extended timelines due to product availability.

Decorative Lighting

LED Street Lighting

The City is set on converting 82% of the 126,000 street lights to LEDs by 2022. These conversions will save the City $1.2 million annually in energy and maintenance costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5,500 tonnes per year.

LED Street Lighting

Street Light Rehabilitation

As part of the Neighbourhood Renewal program, mature neighbourhoods lighting systems that have reached the end of their life expectancy require replacement.

Street Lighting Rehabilitation