Photo of Rollie Miles Athletic Park sign.

Rollie Miles Athletic Field Park is part of the District Activity Park Renewal Program.

Project Update - June 2023

Following public and stakeholder engagement in the spring, the preliminary design plan was completed in September 2022. This project is not currently funded for construction. 

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About the Project

The 13.09 hectare Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park, located in the Queen Alexandra neighbourhood, supports a number of community amenities and facilities including Strathcona High School, Queen Alexandra Community League; Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues office; Strathcona Pool, George S. Hughes Arena, as well as tennis courts, a 400m synthetic running track and several sports fields. Aging infrastructure and growing community demand have created the need for a park renewal project.

The Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park Enhancement project will progress the design of open space priorities through refinement of the  park master plan created in 2018.

In this current phase of the project, the City is advancing the open space elements while coordinating with the Recreation Centre which is also progressing through planning and design.

Project Timeline




June 2022

Public and stakeholder engagement on the  preliminary design has concluded. 

What We Heard Report

Preliminary Design Overview Online Meeting April 22, 2022:

Spring 2022

Public and stakeholder engagement on the preliminary design was conducted from April 25 - May 9.

Winter 2022

Public engagement was held for input on layout and design choices for the park. 

Reference Material:
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Event Recording

Fall 2021
  • Work with internal stakeholders to refine concept plan during early preliminary design
  • Initiate Public Stakeholder Engagement with Advisory Committee and online public engagement activities through Engaged Edmonton
Summer 2021
  • Procure consultant and initiate preliminary design phase of project
  • Initiate preliminary design planning activities with internal and site stakeholders to refine the concept plan
  • Initiate public engagement planning for post election blackout
Spring 2018 : Report back to Community and Public Services Committee

Report back to Community and Public Services Committee

  • Updated Park Master Plan
  • Functional Program for a small Community Recreation Facility
Winter 2018 : Setting the Direction

Stakeholder engagement to review information to date and preferred master plan option. Information is refined and a final master plan is prepared.

November 8 2017: Exploring Options

Exploring Options and Setting Direction

  • Public and stakeholder consultation to review options and provide feedback
  • The Functional Program will support further understanding of the impact a new facility has on the park site and inform an updated park master plan

What we heard

Summer 2017 : Developing the draft functional program

The functional program will include the prioritized activities and services that could be included in a new Community Recreation Centre in Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park.

Spring 2017 : Gathering Information

Public Survey (June 2017)

Collecting input from public, community advisory committee, and City staff which will be analyzed and used to develop a draft functional program.

Survey Highlights 2017

Winter 2017

Reengage stakeholder committees to prepare for public engagement around development of  a detailed program (functional program) for a Community Recreation Centre.

Fall 2016 : Developing the Draft Park Master Plan

The draft Master Plan was shared at the Community and Public Services Committee September 12, 2016. As a result, City Council passed the following motion on September 21, 2016:

  1. That Administration develop a detailed program, that includes a capital cost and a business case, for a small recreation centre including a swimming pool in Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park
  2. That Administration continue to consult with members of the community based on the proposed Rollie Miles Field District Master Plan

Reestablishing the Community Advisory Committee that supported the Public Involvement Plan and engagement activities in the first phases of the master plan project.

Summer 2016

Complete Preferred concept design, technical site review, develop business case.

Access and Circulation

District Park Site South

Athletic Field

Draft Preferred Concept Overall

Existing Conditions

Winter 2016

Concept option development

November 2015

Public and Stakeholder Consultation - Open house and online survey

Survey Highlights 2015

Survey Report 2015

January - December 2014

Data analysis, concept plan development, assessment of internal opportunities and constraints.

September - October 2013

Public and Stakeholder Consultation - Telephone survey, public open house and online survey

Telephone Survey Results 2013

Public Consultation Feedback Report 2013

Project Overview

Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park was identified as a priority for park renewal in the 2015-2018 Capital Budget. The District Park renewal program is a long-term strategic approach to renew district parks in mature neighbourhoods and is focused on improving various park elements as part of an overall master plan based on community need.

In 2013, a master plan process was initiated for the Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park to determine the renewal targets including the physical condition, functionality and demand capacity of the park. Recreation needs were identified through public and stakeholder consultation and operational requirements.

In 2016, the community vision and project considerations were presented to the Community and Public Services Committee as a draft Master Plan Concept and Report. This document serves as the Parks Master Plan for the Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park site and is supported by visuals and diagrams that present the recreational needs identified through public and stakeholder consultation. On September 20, 2016, a draft of the Master Plan was presented to City Council.

At this meeting, the following motions were passed:

1. That Administration develops a detailed program that includes capital costs and a business case, for a small recreation centre including a swimming pool in Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park; and

2. That Administration continues to consult with members of the community based on the proposed Rollie Miles Field District Master Plan.

In 2018 this work associated with the council motions was completed and is outlined in the approved  Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park Master Plan  (2018).

In 2021 a new project was initiated which will advance the planning and design through the Development Design phase for the enhancement of select open space infrastructure at Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park in alignment with the preferred concept in the approved Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park Master Plan (2018).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park?

This small 13 ha district park is located in the rapidly densifying mature neighbourhood of Queen Alexandra, located in south central Edmonton. The Park runs parallel to Calgary Trail (104 street) between University Avenue and 70 Avenue.

Is there more to Rollie Miles District Park than the running track?

Yes, this site encompasses a wide variety of amenities including a premier track and field facility, baseball diamonds, soccer/football field, tennis courts, George S. Hughes indoor skating arena, “Scona” swimming pool, Queen Alexandra Community League building and outdoor skating rink, the Edmonton Federation Community Leagues building and Strathcona High School.

What is Park Renewal and Master Plan?
  • Park Renewal includes upgrading or renewing infrastructure and park elements. Park renewal priorities are identified through developing a park master plan.
  • A park master plan will look at the entire park to provide a strategic vision and action plan to address community needs and aging infrastructure.
  • In 2015, the City of Edmonton began work with community groups and stakeholders to develop a park master plan for the Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park to support community recreation opportunities and renew park amenities.
  • A draft park master plan for Rollie Miles was presented to the City of Edmonton’s Community and Public Services Committee in September 2016.
  • Edmonton’s City Council requested the development of a functional program report for a small recreational facility with an aquatic element to further understand the impact of a new facility on the district park.
What is a Functional Program?
  • A Functional Program is a report that outlines and describes prioritized activities for a facility. It includes the spatial requirements for each activity and the relationship between the spaces.
  • The Rollie Miles project will develop a detailed functional program for a community recreation centre at Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park. This information will inform the update to the Rollie Miles Park Master Plan
What are the next steps for this project?
  • The City will report back to Council in Winter 2018, with an updated park master plan that will include a recommended location for a small community recreation centre with an aquatic element, a facility functional program and an estimated project cost.
  • Once the park master plan is approved, design and construction for the renewal of the park amenities can begin.
What is happening with facilities currently located in Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park?

Scona Pool

  • Scona Pool is the City of Edmonton’s oldest public swimming pool. The facility has reached the end of its life cycle and the condition of the facility continues to deteriorate.
  • As facilities near the end of their lifespan, we need to make decisions about their future, which, in the case of Scona Pool, means closure.
  • While the City continues to work through the park planning process for Rollie Miles Athletic Field District Park, the pool will continue to be operated through a partnership with a private contractor.
  • The City will continue to perform routine maintenance to ensure the pool is safe for citizens.
  • As part of a Council motion in September 2016, an aquatic element will be considered within the development of a functional program to explore a new community recreation centre at Rollie Miles.
  • The Scona Pool facility is not expected to be repurposed when it is closed. Included in the current project will be development of a cost estimate to demolish the current facility.
  • If Scona Pool reaches a point in service where it is inoperable prior to a new facility being approved or built, the City would work to accommodate demand from rentals or user groups for the time already committed. When a new aquatic season starts they would be incorporated into our existing booking allocation process to be accommodated at other facilities.  

George S Hughes/South Side Arena

  • George S Hughes arena is a facility booked city-wide for a variety of ice sports in the winter and concrete surface sports in the summer. The facility is booked for approximately 30 hours a year for public skating (2016-2017).
  • The City of Edmonton’s 10-year Arena Capital Development Strategy (2009-2019) identifies the closure/repurposing of six aging arenas. One of the arenas identified is George S. Hughes/South Side Arena.
  • Repurposing or removal of George S. Hughes Arena would occur after  construction of a replacement facility.
  • In 2015, the Dermott (Bonnie Doon) District Park Master Plan was developed identifying a twin pad arena location. Detail design and construction of this arena was not funded as part of the 2015-2018 capital budget, but this location is still relevant as per the 10-year Arena Capital Development Strategy.
  • For the Rollie Miles project, the discussion of ice activities will be included in the Gathering Information Phase within the functional program development.
  • The functional program project will include discussions on whether the existing arena could meet community needs through repurposing, demolition or a rebuild.
  • All City arenas receive regular ongoing maintenance and repairs to ensure safety, and to maintain physical condition and functionality.

EFCL Building

The City is working with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) to determine what their operational requirements are for their work in supporting the 157 Edmonton community leagues they serve. The EFCL continues to be a key stakeholder in the project and the current facility the EFCL leases from the City will be reviewed for impacts.

Rollie Miles Track

In Sept 2014, the newly restored Rollie Miles Track was reopened. This project included renewal of the track, drainage and field elements to provide a public outdoor track and field facility that can support a range of athletic opportunities to serve all citizens and stakeholders now and in the future.

Pathway Lighting

As part of the Building Great Neighbourhoods and District Park Master Planning consultation,  residents in Queen Alexandra indicated that lighting on the path adjacent to Rollie Miles Athletic field was important. In fall 2016, new lighting was installed in the Park along the west path as part of the upgrade to the entire neighbourhood streetlight system with Neighbourhood Renewal. Additional park lighting may be considered as part of this park renewal project.

Questions about the proposed Community Recreation Centre

When will the new facility be built?

In June of 2021, City Council approved funding to complete the preliminary design of the Rollie Miles Recreation Centre. Additional detailed design and construction are currently unfunded. An internal City of Edmonton project team has been identified and initial planning is underway to undertake this preliminary design work. First steps include completing a competitive procurement process for a qualified Architect and Engineering design team. We expect to have this prime consultant team hired in Q2 2022.

Will there be access to the new facility from Calgary Trail?

Yes, the Park Master Plan identifies access points to a new parking lot that will serve the new recreation centre. This will include a new signalized intersection at 104 Street and 71 Avenue.

Will a new facility increase the amount of traffic and parking in the neighbourhood?

A new facility would  be open to the general public. Traffic and parking impacts were studied during the development of the Park Master Plan, which informed the recommended location and size of the new recreation centre and parking lot. Edmonton Transit buses currently stop at this location and additional stops will be considered in the next phase of the project.

Will there be trees cut down to build the new facility?

Maintaining as many trees as possible has been identified as an important priority in this project and consideration of all factors will be discussed as the project progresses. As noted in the Park Master Plan, some existing trees will require removal to make space for the new recreation centre and related amenities. New trees will be planted as part of the new Recreation Center project.

Will the new facility be accessible ?

The City of Edmonton is committed to improved accessibility of all City facilities for everyone. Features and amenities will meet the Alberta Building Code and take into consideration Universal Design Principles.

What amenities will be in the new recreation centre?

In 2018, City Council approved the Rollie Miles Park Master Plan, including the Functional Program for the new Rollie Miles Recreation Centre. The main amenities in the recreation centre will be:

  • 8 lane pool with teaching pool and change areas
  • Single Court gymnasium
  • Multipurpose room
  • Fitness Centre