Hawrelak Park will be temporarily closing for a 3-year rehabilitation of utilities, facilities, open spaces, paths and roads.

Project Update - January 2023

A full park closure will begin on March 13, 2023. River valley trails around the park perimeter will remain open during construction. Occasionally, short-term trail detours may be necessary.

A necessary part of the site preparation requires the removal of some trees. Tree removal will occur in early 2023 in preparation of the project. The tree removal plan considers timing for owl nesting and migratory birds.  The City understands that mature trees are important and this understanding has been an essential consideration for the project.

The City values every single tree, and removals are guided by the City’s Corporate Tree Policy and Public Tree Bylaw 18825, which prioritizes the preservation and protection of trees. The project team is working closely with Urban Forestry and Natural Area Operations, and Arborists are following strict protocols as part of the decision-making process. 

Crews will be protecting and working around existing trees when possible. The project requires the removal of 220 trees. For each tree removed, at least one new tree will be planted as part of the rehabilitation project. Some of the removals will be done prior to the start of construction which may cause short-term disruptions for park users. 

Currently, 320 trees of various species (Maple, Ash, Spruce, Pine, Poplar, Elm and Serviceberry) are being replanted. The trees being planted will be a minimum 6cm caliper in the Open Spaces areas of the park. In the Natural Areas, replanted trees will be under 1cm caliper and a combination of whips, plugs, 3 gallon and 5 gallon.

Deep utility work will commence upon park closure. Full park closure is necessary for safety due to the extent of the rehabilitation work.  The utility work requires large machinery and a significant amount of space to undertake the trench and backfill activities. Construction work will be located throughout the park as a result of the vast network of underground utilities, facilities, roads and pathways.

We understand the inconvenience caused by the park closure and look forward to the reopening in winter 2025/26. Visit edmonton.ca/parks to find other parks and amenities available.