About the Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion

Yellowhead Trail first opened to the public in 1970. More than 50 years later, the expressway is used by over 80,000 commuters every day and is projected to increase to 155,000 commuters in 20 years. It is a major goods and services transportation link in the Trans-Canada highway and it’s time for the Yellowhead Trail to become a freeway — with 3 lanes of free-flowing traffic in each direction by the end of 2027. The proposed plan will improve traffic flow along Yellowhead Trail as traffic volumes continue to grow, help move goods and services more efficiently through and within this part of the City, and will significantly improve safety at several high-collision locations.

The City completed a strategic plan for the Yellowhead Trail conversion program that includes the closure of a number of intersections, addition of service roads in select areas, and the addition of a number of interchanges. This expansion is part of Edmonton’s Transportation Master Plan and the Transportation Bylaw was amended by City Council to designate Yellowhead Trail as a freeway.

October 2012

An update was presented to the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on October 9, 2012. The update outlined the recommended long-term staging for improvements along Yellowhead Trail.

December 2016

Funding from the federal, provincial and municipal orders of government was announced for improvements to Yellowhead Trail consistent with the City's Yellowhead Trail Strategic Plan. The federal and provincial governments are each contributing up to $241.6 million, with the City providing remaining funding for a total of over $1 billion.

Yellowhead Trail Is Changing

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Public Engagement History

The City values public input and recognizes its importance in identifying the needs of all Yellowhead Trail road users and area residents and businesses. Each segment of the Yellowhead Trail Freeway Conversion Program is being built to balance the roadway requirements with community, business and commuter needs.

The City wanted to understand Edmontonians’ level of knowledge of the current plans, initial ideas, issues and concerns with the Yellowhead Trail Conversion Program. Building awareness of the freeway conversion and gaining a better understanding of the breadth of interested and impacted stakeholders, was also a focus. The feedback helped ensure future communications and engagement plans reflect the ideas and preferences of the public and how they want to be involved and informed.

What We Heard Report
April 2019