A map depicting proposed road changes.

Project Area from 82 Street to 50 Street

Check out this map showing the proposed road changes.

Proposed Changes

Concept planning is complete for the roadways between 82 Street and 50 Street and includes:

  • Removal of the signalized intersection at Yellowhead Trail and 66 Street 

  • Removal of direct access along Yellowhead Trail, including 62 Street, 67 Street and 68 Street north and south of Yellowhead Trail

  • Provisions of alternative access to the surrounding communities 

  • Partial interchange at 66 Street

  • A new ramp will provide access to Yellowhead Trail eastbound from both 66 Street northbound and southbound

  • A new shared-use path along the west side of 66 Street for pedestrian and cycle connections across Yellowhead Trail

  • A new collector road at 61 Street and 125 Avenue (constructed as part of the Fort Road Widening project) to provide westbound access onto and off Yellowhead Trail

Preliminary design is anticipated to begin late in 2023.

map of 66 Street traffic flow in concept design

see detailed concept map