Aerial view of kihcihkaw askî

kihcihkaw askî provides a natural setting for Indigenous peoples, groups, and communities to host ceremonies, sweat lodges and facilitate intergenerational learning.

Project Update - February 2023

Construction on the project has finished and final landscaping updates will be completed in the spring as weather allows. The City has partnered with the Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre (IKWC) to operate kihcihkaw askî. A grand opening is being planned in summer 2023. 

Until late 2022, the name kihciy askiy (Sacred Land) had been used for the site. IKWC worked with the kihciy askiy Elders Counsel and University of Alberta linguists to ensure the correct roman orthography spelling and Cree syllabics were being used for the name. This led to a comprehensive discussion around the usage of kihciy askiy and the consensus was that kihcihkaw askî (Sacred Land) was the most appropriate terminology for kihciy askiy.

For information on programming and operations of kihcihkaw askî, please contact the Indigenous Knowledge and Wisdom Centre.