Castle Downs Park sign

The City of Edmonton is updating the Concept Plan for Castle Downs Park.

Project update - May 2024

After the first round of engagement for the Castle Downs Park Concept Plan, Concept Options have been prepared and the City is seeking your feedback to REFINE the options to develop a Preferred Concept. 

We want to hear from you. Please:

  • Meet the project team and provide feedback
  • Date: May 22
  • Time: 5-7pm 
  • Location: St. Lucy Catholic School, 11750 162 Ave NW

Review the What We Heard Report from Phase 1 of engagement

The preferred concept will be developed and shared later in 2024.

About the Project

As part of the 2023-26 Capital Budget, City Council has directed the administration to revisit and update the Castle Downs District Park Concept Plan. 

Castle Downs Park is a 28.30 hectare district park in northwest Edmonton. Concept plans for the park were developed in 2001 and 2012. The 2001 concept included 2 schools, sport and recreation facilities, and a broad range of outdoor amenities that were meant to serve a large catchment area.

The concept was updated in 2012 to incorporate new developments brought forward by sport recreation and community groups. At that time, there were no plans for the development of schools.

In recent years, new projects have come forward that were not contemplated in these existing concept plans. This has resulted in increased demand for use of the park. These projects include community initiatives and the City’s proposed Metro Line NW LRT extension, which represents a major new development that will improve access to the area and increase demand for park facilities.

In addition, the Edmonton Catholic School Division (ECSD) recently received funding for a new Catholic High School. Construction began in the fall of 2023.