Bus Service Changes in November 2021
Starting November 1, some ETS bus routes will temporarily run on reduced frequency. More than 97 per cent of bus service remains unaffected. No changes will be made to LRT schedules, On Demand Transit, DATS or regional service. 

Please plan ahead by using Transit app, Google Maps or the Trip Planner on edmonton.ca/transit. You can also call 311 for trip planning support. 

Note: ETS Live will be updated on November 7, and real time information for some routes may be unavailable until November 7 on all tools (Transit app, Google Maps and ETS Live).

Wear non-medical masks or face coverings when using public transit, or in other locations where physical distancing is not possible. 

Please make sure you dispose of your used disposable masks and/or gloves into a waste bin. If one is not available, store your used materials in a plastic bag until they can be disposed of properly.

ETS Stuff a Bus 
Donate online, by text or in person to help ETS support those who rely on Edmonton’s Food Bank during the holidays.

For more information on service alerts, call 311 or view the real-time list of detours and bus stop closures.  

Please check back regularly for ongoing updates.

Winter Service Changes Start November 28
To support a vibrant and safe city, ETS is committed to delivering safe, convenient and reliable transportation that connects Edmontonians to the places they need and want to go. Five times each year, ETS reviews customer feedback, schedules, service levels and routes to ensure we’re providing the right amount of service at the right time. These adjustments start Sunday, November 28. Please plan ahead and double check your routes and schedules.