The following documents provide additional background information about the development of Natural Connections Conservation plan. 

Plan Development Documents

Natural Connections: An Overview
An overview of the Conservation Plan development process.

Integrated Conservation Plan - Update Report
Provides more detailed information on each of the three components of Plan development.

Visioning Background Summary Report
An overview of 49 conservation plans from around the English-speaking world, highlighting over 500 conservation goals and objectives. This report served as important background information during the development of Edmonton's Conservation Plan.

State of Natural Areas Report

In 2006, the City completed a State of Natural Areas Report, which provided the scientific basis for Natural Connections. The report was released to Edmontonians to kick-start the public engagement process, which began in late 2006.

Public Engagement Process

In 2006 and 2007, the City carried out an extensive public engagement process to seek community input on the development of the plan.

Natural Connections Public Involvement Plan

Public Involvement Plan developed by the Office of Natural Areas - guided the Office's consultation of the public in advance of and during development of the Strategic Conservation Plan.

Public Engagement Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals for the Public Engagement Process, which was carried out in November/December of 2006. Teleologic Strategic Communications Inc. was awarded the contract.   

Natural Connections Inter-departmental Working Group Project Charter

Project charter for the Natural Connections internal working group, which included representation of each of the relevant City departments and contributed to the development of the Strategic Conservation Plan.  

Public Engagement Process Reports

Report 1: Public Engagement Summary

Report 2: Media

Report 3: Public Survey

Report 4: Open House Consultation

Report 5: Public and ENGO Workshop

Report 6: Landowner Consultation

Report 7: Focus Group