Turf Operations is mandated by City Policy C614 which ensures that turf grass areas are well-maintained for recreational and wellness activities. This allows residents to enjoy green spaces in their local areas and to use these spaces for a variety of purposes—ranging from passive enjoyment to active recreation. The team's efforts make it possible for people to gather, participate in affordable recreational activities, live healthily, and host events throughout the city. 

The City maintains 4069 hectares of turf grass throughout our open spaces, along roadways, and in parks. These areas are mowed and trimmed and kept clean of garbage during the operating season. 

To keep our city attractive and active, grass is maintained from May until October. The City uses the latest technology to enhance the quality of your green spaces while respecting our environment.

Turf Operations also collaborates with Naturalization on reverting select sections of City green spaces to a more natural state through naturalization.


Mowing is the cutting of turf grass areas with the use of ride-on mowing equipment and push-mowers.

For more information on the service levels of turf grass areas, visit Parkland Care.


Trimming is the process of cutting down tall grasses using a tool called a line trimmer, or a weed whacker. This task is completed around fixed objects such as fences, trees, light poles, signs, benches, and areas mowers cannot reach.

Trimming Service Levels
There will be 2 trimming cycles this season. The first cycle is set to conclude by July 31, 2024. A second cycle is scheduled for completion by September 30, 2024.

Service Levels

For more information on service levels in parks and open spaces, please visit Parkland Care.

Map of Maintained Turf and  Naturalization