The City is developing a new design for the central stretch of the river valley in 2 distinct project areas: Rossdale and the North Shore.

Project Update - Spring 2022

The preliminary design report for the Rossdale Area has been completed. The concept for the project has been further developed and refined based on the results of technical studies, City policy and Council direction, Indigenous engagement feedback, and what we heard (13MB) through the third stage of public and stakeholder engagement. 

At this time, design for the North Shore Area has concluded with the completion of the concept phase.

Project Recognition

Touch the Water Promenade won an Award of Excellence from the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects in 2022. The award recognized the project as a preeminent example of Canadian landscape architecture and how landscape architects are helping to reshape our communities by defining the places where we live, work, and play.

Project Overview

The river valley is a place people have been drawn to and gathered at since time immemorial. The City is exploring ways to improve access to the central river valley with the Touch the Water Promenade project. If the project moves forward, it would include opportunities to celebrate the area’s multi-layered heritage, encourage recreation and connect people with nature. 

The final Concept Report (39MB) provides a vision for both the North Shore and Rossdale project areas. The concept design acts as a blueprint for future development that reflects a shared vision for the central river valley and serves as a long-term plan to be implemented in phases over time.

There are two distinct project areas. 

  • The Rossdale Project Area has completed the preliminary design phase.
  • The North Shore Area has concluded with the concept phase. The North Shore Area may be revisited for future opportunities to complete project design as funding allows. 

The Touch the Water Promenade project is not funded for construction at this time.