The City offers a broad range of grants and funding opportunities each year. The information provided connects communities, individuals, non-profit organizations and community leagues to these grants and conference/event organizers to corporate sponsorship.  

Before You Apply

Before applying for a grant or funding, please make note of the following:

  • Get to know the grant purpose, policy and guidelines
  • Read the grant guide for each grant program to ensure you qualify
  • If you notice that your information is not correct in our system (for example, an address change or main contact change), please contact our office as soon as possible to update your account or use our online form. Incorrect information can result in a delay or inability to process your grant request
  • If you have any issues with the online application form, please call the Grants Office for assistance at 780-496-4933

For Online Applications

  • Ensure you have your Account ID and registered organization email with the City of Edmonton Grants Office. With our online grant applications, you will need 2 pieces of information to apply to any grant program:
    • Your City of Edmonton grants assigned account ID
    • Your organization or applicant email that is registered with the City of Edmonton Grants Office
  • Once you enter your Account ID and Organization email, your account information will automatically populate on the application

 Neighbourhood Services has updated some information for Neighbourhood Micro-Grants, Neighbourhood Connections Grants, Revitalization Project Macro-Grants and is offering the new Revitalization Extensive Project Fund to support your neighbourhood projects.