The City of Edmonton temporarily installed 19 Pop-up Dog Parks in 2023. A What We Heard Report provides a summary and a Council Report was presented in early 2024. 

Permanent Off-Leash Areas and Dog Parks

The off-leash areas map displays available dog parks in Edmonton. Residents interested in establishing off-leash areas in their neighbourhoods are encouraged to contact their local community league and express interest in the Community League Dog Park Program.

What are Pop-up Dog Parks?

The City installed temporary Pop-up Dog Parks in neighbourhoods identified as having a high need for an off-leash area. 19 Pop-up Dog Parks were installed throughout Edmonton in May 2023 and closed by the end of October 2023.

How were the proposed neighbourhoods and sites selected?

Neighbourhoods were selected for placement of Pop-up Dog Parks by their proximity to existing off-leash areas, number of licensed dogs, requests for the establishment of off-leash areas by residents and presence of off-leash dogs. 

Some of the considerations for the locations of the Pop-up Dog Parks were based on:

  • Availability and zoning of parkland
  • Adjacent land uses and setbacks
  • Fit within the overall park site 
  • Ability to be serviced by operations crews
  • Accessibility factors like the terrain, proximity to paved trails and sidewalks with curb cuts to access them
  • Lighting 
  • Sight-lines
  • Availability of active transportation options and parking
  • Presence of foot/vehicle traffic 
  • Feedback from the survey and the general public
What accessibility factors were considered?

Accessibility was a key consideration in selecting location and design of Pop-up Dog Parks including:

  • Terrain and park surfacing
  • Proximity to paved trails and sidewalks with curb cuts
  • Availability of parking nearby
  • Presence of lighting
  • Proximity to seating areas
  • Location and path to garbage cans
  • Positioning of dog waste bag dispensers
  • Design and installation of signage
  • Barrier free entry and gate systems

If you have suggestions for improvements to accessibility, please contact us at

Why are the Pop-up Dog Parks closed?

While the program was always intended to be temporary, we understand there may be concern among community members about the closure and removal of the pop-up parks.

The City of Edmonton conducted an evaluation of the trial and presented the results to City Council in March 2024, including the What We Heard Report from public engagement opportunities.

Any permanent or seasonal off-leash areas at the sites from the trial require funding to establish and operate. Pop-up Dog Parks are not funded at this time.