Kilkenny has been chosen for Alley Renewal. The planning and design is currently underway with construction anticipated to begin in 2023.

Project Update - November 2022

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on the Kilkenny Alley Renewal Project. The survey is now closed and we appreciate everyone who took the time to provide their feedback. 

The feedback gathered will be reviewed by the Project Team and considered as we finalize the design. Details on construction timing and how to prepare will be shared in spring 2023. Sign up to receive news and updates on Kilkenny Alley Renewal.

About the Project

Alley Renewal involves alley reconstruction and repaving, improvements to surface drainage where possible, and upgrading of existing alley lighting to LED fixtures. It also includes the opportunity for a local improvement to add alley lighting if property owners are interested. Utility assessments and repairs, along with removals and pruning of trees and shrubs, are also completed. 

Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023.