An alley lighting local improvement can be requested by property owners.


To start the Expression of Interest process to have lighting installed in a back alley, please contact the City's Local Improvement office at 780-944-7663 or Signatures are required from at least 50% + 1 of the property owners adjacent to the alley, proving majority support to have the work completed and share the construction, maintenance and energy consumption costs.

The City then mails details to all the affected property owners in a Local Improvement Notice. Once the notice is issued, property owners have 30 days to petition against the Local Improvement. A majority of the affected property owners must sign the petition in order to defeat the Local Improvement.


Installation rates are set on a yearly basis in consideration of the number of construction locations, market prices, and interest rates. The total cost to residents depends on lot width (frontage) along the alley. The per metre cost is multiplied by the lot frontage and applies separately to properties on both sides of the alley. 

The City does not fund or subsidize this local improvement. Property owners are responsible for 100% of applicable costs.


All construction, maintenance and energy consumption costs for alley lighting will be assessed to all property owners along the alley. Alley lighting must be completed along the entire length of the alley, not just the portion behind an individual property, and properties on both sides of the alley will be assessed. This is why the agreement of the majority of property owners whose properties are adjacent to the alley is required. 

Corner properties that have 2 abutting alleys, one at the back and another at the side, will be assessed for the full length of the shorter side of the lot and 15 percent of the length of the longer side. 

The costs of construction may be paid in a lump sum or over a period of 5 years. Payment for maintenance and energy consumption will be required every year, at the current market rate, as long as the lights remain in place. This charge will appear on your tax assessment as Alley Lighting Maintenance Fee.

The rates outlined below are applicable only to locations in which poles are present in an alley for the installation of lighting. 

2023 Rates

Lump Sum Payment (example)

Width of residential property backing onto the alley (in metres) 15.00
Construction rate per metre (light on every second pole) $24.48
Total construction costs $367.20
Annual maintenance/energy costs 15.00 m x $2.21/m $20.55

Yearly Cost (example)

Width of residential property backing onto the alley (in metres) 15.00
Amortized construction rate per metre $5.66
Annual construction costs (per year for 5 years) $84.90
Annual maintenance/energy costs 15.00 m x $2.21/m $20.55