The Problem Properties Initiative focuses on improving community safety and livability, by coordinating the efforts of municipal and provincial agencies involved in licensing, regulation and enforcement concerns related to problem properties.

Using an integrated and holistic approach, members of the Problem Property Action Team and Residential Inspection Safety Compliance team work to achieve compliance with municipal, provincial and federal legislation at high-risk properties to reduce overall risk in the community. This helps foster safer and better connected communities in Edmonton.

Why Report a Problem Property?

Reporting a problem property in your community has the potential to:

  • Improve community safety
  • Empower citizens
  • Target properties, not individuals
  • Hold property owners accountable for activities on their properties

Signs of a Problem Property

1. The property has a significant detrimental impact to the surrounding area, including, but not limited to:

  • Nuisance conditions
  • Land use infractions
  • Property deterioration
  • Unlicensed business operations
  • Noise violations

2. The property poses a risk to tenants and surrounding residents, including but not limited to:

  • Safety issues associated with development of the property
  • Additions, or alterations of buildings without proper permits
  • Illegal and /or unsafe suites
  • Structural integrity concerns with buildings
  • Public health violations
  • Fire risks and hazards
  • Ongoing illegal activity or criminal activities
    (although we will assess these types of complaints, all criminal activity should be reported to EPS, and this reporting mechanism is not a substitute for reporting to EPS)

3. The property has a recurring history of violations and noncompliance

4. The property has a history of willful or deliberate violations by property owners or tenants

This form allows you to report concerns you may have about problem properties in your neighbourhood.

The identity of the person or persons making the complaint (the reporter) is entirely confidential. The reporter will not be involved in any investigative or court proceedings that may result from the complaint.

All fields are required unless otherwise indicated. 

Property Information

Reporter Information

This information is needed only to contact you back in order to provide updates or to seek further clarification if more detail is needed.  This information will not be released and is strictly confidential

FOIP Statement

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Your personal information is collected in accordance with section 33(b)(c) and 39(1)(a) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. This information is protected by the privacy provisions of the Act.