Project Update - January 2024

On January 20, as part of Phase 1 of the Metro Line Northwest extension, the permanent NAIT/Blatchford Market station opened to the public, providing a critical mass transit connection into the city’s downtown core for Edmontonians living in Blatchford, the adjacent Westwood community, and the growing student population at NAIT. The extension also includes Blatchford Gate station, which was built as part of Phase 1, but will not be operational until the criteria for Transit Service Standards ( Policy C539A ) is met.

The Metro NW LRT extension applies an urban LRT design philosophy, focusing on seamless integration of LRT with the adjacent land, which involves fewer barriers and improved access with and across LRT infrastructure.

About the Project

Operate Phase

The Metro Line is a 4.9 km extension from Churchill LRT Station in downtown Edmonton northwest to NAIT and the community of Blatchford. It’s the first segment of a planned LRT expansion to Edmonton city limits near St. Albert is part of the City Plan’s vision to expand the transit network and increase % of transit and active transportation trips.

Because land use and transportation are closely linked, LRT growth will be guided by the principle of transit-oriented development. Its goal is to create compact neighbourhoods with a mixture of residential, employment, recreational, and business opportunities within convenient walking distance of transit.