Integrated Processing and Transfer Facility landscape photo

The Integrated Processing and Transfer Facility (IPTF) is where waste arrives and is divided into three separate waste streams: organics processing, biofuels production and landfill.

This facility can also capture the waste that can't be recycled or composted and turns it into feedstock for the Waste to Biofuels Facility

Facility features include:

  • Two loading bays with hydraulic tampers to compact loads
  • Two 120 ton rotating screens with bag breaking "spikes" to separate materials into different streams
  • Manual pick stations, magnets and other equipment to remove unprocessable materials, such as propane bottles
  • A mechanical system to produce feedstock for the Waste to Biofuels Facility from processed waste
  • An overland conveyor to carry organic waste materials to the Edmonton Composting Facility tip floor (where organics are sent for processing in the Anaerobic Digestion Facility), and non-recyclable, non-compostable waste to the adjacent Waste to Biofuels Facility
  • Bays to load material unsuitable for recycling, composting or gasification into trailers for transport to other landfills for disposal
  • An overhead viewing gallery to allow tour groups to watch the facility in action
  • The IPTF is owned and operated by the City of Edmonton and maintained by Fluor Driver