Electrical Permit - Commercial

Commercial electrical permits for new buildings and changes to existing:

  • Commercial, industrial, institutional or mixed-use (a blend of commercial and residential) buildings
  • Apartments/condos
  • Row houses with 5 or more dwelling units 
  • Stacked row houses

For electrical work inside a home see Electrical Permit - Residential.

Who Should I Contact?

Service  City of Edmonton EPCOR
Emergency inspections Call 311 -
Pad transformers Permits only  Inspections only 
New services   Inspections only 
Service changes or upgrades Permits and inspections Resolves questions about whether a project requires a service change/upgrade or new service
Service repair/upgrade Permits and inspections -
Solar/Renewable Permits and inspections  
Underground (Primary Service Conductor- Power) - Inspections

Underground (Branch Circuit - power from primary panel to anywhere on your property)

Permits and inspections  
Site Identification Number - Provides site identification numbers 
Any type of service in annexed areas  Contact the electrical technical advisor at 780-496-6674 -