The City of Edmonton is committed to improving accessibility. As part of the Curb Ramp Program, approximately 180 curb ramps are constructed throughout the city annually. The program is on a request basis to ensure that the funds are directed in a fair and equitable manner, and to balance the construction throughout Edmonton. As well, another 200 ramps are constructed yearly through road rehabilitation programs and maintenance.

In order to attend to city-wide demand for curb ramps the Curb Ramp Program will only install curb ramps at intersections and mid-block crosswalks. Any individual or business that will benefit from a curb ramp in front of their home or place of business is responsible for any and all costs associated with the curb ramp. Private individuals or businesses may arrange to have the curb ramp built themselves, but any construction on City right-of-way requires the necessary approvals and permits to ensure any privately built ramp meets current standards.