104 Street Rehabilitation project from 82 Avenue to Saskatchewan Drive will rehabilitate the road and improve connectivity and safety.

Project Update - March 2023

As the Arterial Renewal Program received limited funding for the 2023-2026 cycle, the rehabilitation of 104 Street will be delayed to the next budget cycle. The project has been paused.

Additionally, acknowledging that 104 Street is a primary corridor in the Strathcona neighbourhood, this rehabilitation work will better align with City strategic objectives when surrounding projects and initiatives are further defined, such as the Mass Transit Study, Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy and vision for Whyte Avenue. 

Thank you to those who participated in the 104 Street Rehabilitation survey. Your feedback is important to us and will be considered when the project is restarted in the future. 
What We Heard Report - March 2023

Project Overview

Located within Edmonton’s Old Strathcona neighbourhood, 104 Street between 82 (Whyte) Avenue and Saskatchewan Drive is an important corridor in supporting the movement of goods, services, and people locally within the Old Strathcona area and the greater Edmonton area. The project falls under the Goods Movement Arterial Renewal Program (ARP).

This program addresses deteriorating arterial road conditions and provides preventative renewal measures to ensure and maintain the safety of road users. The rehabilitation will also progress the City’s four strategic goals of Healthy City, Urban Places, Regional Prosperity and Climate Resilience.

The project has been paused and will be delayed to the next budget cycle.