Graphic showing a cyclist with the words "Our open spaces, parks and plazas.

Creating vibrant, welcoming and safe places for people who live, work and play in our Downtown.

The City has developed the Downtown Public Places Plan (12MB) that outlines an enhanced open space network for Downtown Edmonton and The Quarters.

The Plan implements the Capital City Downtown Plan and Breathe and includes the following:

  • Introduction - Provides background and establishes the purpose, process, structure, context, and the plan area of the Downtown Public Places Plan.
  • Guiding Principles and Strategic Directions - Defines 8 Guiding Principles and 6 Strategic Directions that inform open space provision for the Downtown Public Places Plan.
  • Downtown-Wide Recommendations - Outlines recommendations associated with the Guiding Principles, to guide the acquisition, planning design, programming, management, operations, engagement, and partnerships for Edmonton’s Downtown Public Places.
  • Place-Based Recommendations - Provides recommendations that employ the Guiding Principles and achieve the Strategic Directions, to provide specific, in-place improvements on the provision, connectivity, and functionality of the Downtown Public Places network.
  • Big Moves - The plan also identifies 9 visionary and high-level Big Moves for the Downtown public places network. These long-term visions will guide future projects, and related development. Please note that these Big Moves will require prioritization, funding, detailed planning, additional public review, and council approval in a separate process.
  • Implementation - Provides guidance for the City of Edmonton on how to achieve the Strategic Directions and recommendations of the Downtown Public Places Plan, including implementation actions, and plan monitoring, evaluation and review.

Public Engagement History

It is important that the public and stakeholders be involved in shaping the Downtown Public Places Plan to create a stronger, more relevant and effective plan. The Downtown Public Places Plan had 3 phases of engagement and project materials as well as the final draft were shared for public review.

Please refer to the documents below for a record of engagement activities and reporting:
Public Engagement Plan
Phase 1 What We Heard Report
Phase 2 What We Heard Report (10MB)
Phase 3 What We Heard Report (15MB)