The goal of Neighbourhood Revitalization is to improve the livability of Edmonton’s mature and established neighbourhoods, and mobilize community-led action.  

Since 2006, the City of Edmonton’s Neighbourhood Revitalization Program has provided a Revitalization Coordinator in selected neighbourhoods to work in partnership with citizens to strengthen and enhance their neighbourhoods.   

Members of a community have powerful and crucial roles to play in revitalizing neighbourhoods. As the people who live, work and play in these areas each day, community members have unique perspectives on what the future of their neighbourhoods could look like and what can be done to help make this happen.

Recognizing this, City staff work collaboratively with local residents, property owners, business owners and operators, non-profit organizations and others to help them craft a strategic plan for the revitalization of their neighbourhood that leverages local strengths and opportunities.

Community members take the lead in contributing history, wisdom and thoughts about their neighbourhood. Together, they develop a vision and goals for the neighbourhood, and identify community-level projects that will help advance those goals and vision. These are articulated in a revitalization strategy. Members of the community and the Revitalization Coordinator continue to work together to advance the projects, goals and vision that the community has established for itself in enhancing Edmonton's neighbourhoods.

A Neighbourhood Revitalization Program Review is underway that aims to come up with recommendations to update the Neighbourhood Revitalization Program to better carry out the goals for the program and to make the Neighbourhood Revitalization Program experience better.