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The City, EPS, Family Centre and United Way of Alberta Capital Region are delivering innovative solutions to common and recurrent community issues.

NET - This Is Who We Are

Neighbourhood Empowerment Team (NET) works with residents, community, businesses, and organizations to build solutions to create safe and vibrant neighbourhoods and communities.     

NET responds to repeated or significant incidents that may impact the security and safety of Edmontonians across the city. 

NET achieves this by working with the community to address the factors that contribute to the issue, along with reducing the fear of crime and social disorder by using problem-solving approaches.    

NET is a partnership between the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police Service, The Family Centre, and United Way of the Alberta Capital Region.


The main focus of NET’s work is to identify recurring situations which affect the perceptions or realities of a community’s safety and which would benefit from proactive and preventative interventions.

The goal is to then identify and implement innovative strategies and work with the community to address factors that are contributing to the situation, ultimately working toward a resolution of the incidents which are creating or contributing to the issue.