Share Your Feedback

Share your feedback on the draft District General Policy and district plans from August to October. 
Questions to be asked include: 

  • Are the plans clear? 
  • Are they missing anything? 
  • Is there any wrong information? 
  • Do existing plans have an impact?
  • Do they give the right amount of information? 
  • Do they have the same direction as The City Plan?

Visit to provide your feedback online or learn about engagement events in your district.

Learn More About the District General Policy  

Want to understand how the District General Policy’s content relates to The City Plan and other strategic documents? Review the  Annotated District General Policy , which includes a side-by-side commentary on the proposed policies and their rationale.

Conversation Starters 

The Conversation Starter documents below are mini-information packages that introduce key District Planning topics and are intended to help Edmontonians prepare for upcoming engagements on district plans. They provide basic information on the project’s process and rationale and highlight how engagement will be incorporated into the district plans and District General Policy. 

The videos are presentations of the Conversation Starters, intended to provide additional visuals and explanations.

  1. What is District Planning? | Video
  2. What are the District General Policy and the district plans? | Video
  3. How are the District General Policy and the district plans being drafted? | Video
  4. How will Edmontonians provide input? | Video
  5. How are the District General Policy and District Plans intended to be used? | Video
  6. How will the District General Policy and District Plans be monitored and updated? | Video