Curbside management feature image

Redefining Edmonton’s curbside and public parking space.


Curbsides—the space between the sidewalk and the regular traffic lane—are an important part of the way we move and gather in Edmonton. They are also one of our biggest public spaces. This makes curbside space an important asset—one that The City Plan calls on us to strategically manage.

The  Curbside Management Strategy sets a path to using our curbsides more equitably and strategically to benefit more Edmontonians.

Across North America, the way cities use their curbside space is changing. Traditionally used solely for parking, curbsides are transforming into valuable space for people and for business, through use by transit, food trucks, temporary patios, EV charging, events, loading and delivery zones, active transportation or transit lanes, and more.

Thoughtfully managing these spaces is key for managing these opportunities and helping achieve many Edmontonians’ City Plan targets, such as net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, 50% of trips made by transit or active transportation and less than 35% of average household expenditures spent on housing and transportation.