About the Department

Integrated Infrastructure Services designs and delivers infrastructure on behalf of Council and citizens. This department is responsible for delivering more than $4 billion in infrastructure projects over the next few years.

Infrastructure Planning and Design

This branch helps build a great city through the planning and design of facilities and transportation infrastructure that serve all Edmontonians. They integrate existing policies and strategies, the results of public engagement, and lifecycle renewal requirements to advance capital infrastructure projects through the planning and design phases.

Infrastructure Planning and Design connects with business partners, the community and other stakeholders in the project development to determine scope, schedule and budget before transitioning projects to the Infrastructure Delivery Branch for execution.

Infrastructure Delivery

This branch is committed to building a great city for its citizens. Infrastructure Delivery has 3 sections:

  • Facility Infrastructure Delivery
  • Transportation Infrastructure Delivery
  • Renewable Energy Systems

These sections contribute to the delivery of infrastructure in support of municipal services required by citizens and City Council. Their focus is on effective project and construction management, using consistent project management practices, to deliver the infrastructure projects identified in the approved capital budget.

Business Planning and Support

An internal service provider that manages the strategic, operational and budget planning for the Integrated Infrastructure Services Department.

The Business Planning and Support Branch leads the department in advancing excellence through the consistent development of our business, people, processes, and systems.

LRT Expansion and Renewal

This branch is responsible for planning, designing and delivering LRT infrastructure and expansion capital projects, including transit centres and LRT stations along the existing and future LRT lines, and renewal work for both.

LRT Expansion and Renewal makes this work a reality through ongoing stakeholder engagement and by providing project management and technical services. This work is enhanced by its knowledge and relationships with corporate business partners, industry and other stakeholders.

Building Great Neighbourhoods and Open Spaces

This branch builds, renews and enhances neighbourhood and open space infrastructure to create welcoming, energized and healthy communities where people live and play.

They mobilize community participation by working with citizens and community stakeholders in order to transform neighbourhoods and open spaces by creating strong and sustainable infrastructure that serves the needs of citizens for both today and tomorrow.