The City of Edmonton is committed to creating and maintaining a vibrant, healthy, safe and respectful workplace for all employees. 

A respectful workplace is one that is free of harassment and discrimination, where all employees are treated fairly, diversity is acknowledged and valued and there is a culture of inclusion.

Every employee has a shared responsibility to create and maintain a respectful workplace, where you can do your best work.

Safe Disclosure Office

Reaching out can be hard, but we are here to listen.

The Safe Disclosure Office (SDO) is a place where employees can talk about options to address work-related concerns that have to do with harassment, discrimination, and a respectful workplace if they are unable to bring it forward to their supervisor.

The SDO assesses and makes decisions on individual files independently of City Administration, however it reports administratively to the Director of Respect in the Workplace.

The SDO does not act as an advocate for any party, conduct investigations, or substantiate allegations.

The Safe Disclosure Office (SDO) has an independent and confidential website that is not hosted by the City of Edmonton.

There, you can find out how to get in touch with the SDO, read frequently asked questions and learn about other supports that are available.

Safe Disclosure Office

Complaints Against The Safe Disclosure Office

Any respectful workplace concerns regarding the Safe Disclosure Office are to be submitted in confidence to the Chief People Officer and City Solicitor.