Animal Care & Control helps ensure everyone's safe, healthy and peaceful enjoyment of Edmonton neighbourhoods.

For more detailed information about Animal Care & Control, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.   

Animal Care & Control Centre

The Animal Care & Control Centre is where Edmonton’s stray and lost pets are housed. The facility takes care of animals until their rightful owners can be found or until they are transferred to an adoption agency.

Staff at the facility is trained to look after the health and well-being of all pets in our care by providing:

  • First aid and veterinary care for animals that come in with an injury
  • Quality food
  • Kennels that are cleaned and disinfected throughout each day
  • Vaccinations to protect from infection
  • Specialty care for unique pets by consulting with the Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society, Alberta Ferret Society, Wildlife Rehabilitation Society and others

Animal Control Peace Officers

Animal Control Peace Officers help owners ensure their pets are a positive addition to the community. This is done through education programs, mediating neighbour disputes, providing advice and enforcement.

They enforce the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw makes owners responsible for their pet’s actions, helps return lost pets to their owners and ensures pets are a positive addition to the community. Officers also enforce the Animal Protection Act to ensure pets are well cared for by their owners. 

Officers patrol neighbourhoods for stray animals, return lost pets to their owners and respond to animals in distress or animals that have been abandoned.

They also assist the Edmonton Police Service with aggressive or injured animals, Provincial Brand Inspectors with loose livestock and Provincial Conservation Officers with wildlife inside city limits.

Animal Control Peace Officers are sworn peace officers, giving them the ability to write tickets and lay charges that require a pet owner to appear in court.

For more detailed information about Animal Control Peace Officers, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.