As your business evolves, you may move to a new location, change owners or contact information, change your business activities or expand your existing space. It is important for you to keep your business licence up-to-date because your licence may become invalid if it has inaccurate information. 

A valid business licence indicates to your customers that you run a responsible business that follows the rules and regulations, including zoning, health, fire and building code, and public safety requirements. Requiring all businesses to meet minimum regulatory standards also helps create a level playing field within the business community. 

If your business is no longer operating, you do not require a business licence and may cancel your business licence account. We ask that you cancel your business licence as promptly as possible to avoid any further follow up on fees or enforcement. 

How to Update Your Licence

To inform the City of any changes to your business licence, complete the following request form:

Business Licence Account Update Request

If your business licence cannot be updated, a City staff member will contact you to advise you to apply for a new business licence.