Join in the fun with the 100 Voices Pre-School at the Edmonton Valley Zoo! Children will continue to learn about colours, numbers, letters and more but they will also get to explore the zoo, see the shape of alpaca, smell the musk of an elephant, and many more innovative learning activities.

Students will have opportunities to hear from zoo staff such as a veterinarian talking about how to take care of different animals, and will have an interpreter in the classroom every few days introducing the children to new animal friends, and the importance of recycling and compost with their very own enrichment garden.

Each day, a new teacher (animal or human!) guides the students through an exciting learning adventure. This new uncharted territory of exploratory learning was only possible by the partnership that the Edmonton Valley Zoo and Edmonton Catholic School District have created - building the next generation of conservationists, little animal ambassadors, and stewards of the earth.

The 100 Voices Pre-Kindergarten Program and the Edmonton Valley Zoo were awarded the 2016 CAZA Eleanore Oaks Award. This award recognizes outstanding achievement by an institutional member in exhibit design, animal husbandry, education or for other significant contributions to the zoo and aquarium field. The focus of this award will be on recognizing projects of a smaller scope or budget.

For more information on requirements and how to apply please visit Edmonton Catholic Schools.