Independent Council Compensation Committees were established in 2006, 2012, 2017, and 2020 to review and make recommendations on Council remuneration. 


Salaries of members of Council are adjusted automatically effective the first pay period of each year. The percentage increase or decrease is calculated using the percentage change in the 12 month average of the Alberta Average Weekly Earnings values from September of the previous year against the same value for the year prior, as reported by Statistics Canada.  This method is based on the recommendations of the Independent Council Compensation Committees.

In 2020 Council made a motion to freeze their salaries for 2021 and 2022, therefore no annual adjustment will be applied for these years.

The following are the fully-taxable annual salaries for Members of Council in 2021:

Mayor $206,511.29
Councillors $116,672.11


History of previous years' salaries.

   2017 2018 2019 2020
Mayor $200,747 $200,586.51 $205,340.41 $206,511.29
Councillors $113,416 $113, 325.78  $116,011.60 $116,672.11


City of Edmonton Contribution
Council Member Contribution
Supplementary Health Care Plan 70% 30%
Dental Plan 65% 35%
Long Term Disability 0% 100%
Life Insurance 50% 50%


Members of Council receive an annual $500 within a Health Care Spending Account.

Vehicle Allowance

Members of Council receive a vehicle allowance to offset transportation costs associated with fulfilling their duties within the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

Mayor $1,204.78 per month  (or the choice of a City-owned vehicle)
Councillors $601.35 per month

Retirement Benefit

Members of Council have the option to participate in one of the following retirement options:

a. 11% contribution by the City of Edmonton to elected official's total annual salary to support retirement; or

b. 12% contribution by the City of Edmonton directed to Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) Defined Contribution Pension Plan.

Transition Allowance

Fully taxable payment provided on conclusion of their service, equal to three weeks salary for each year served, to a maximum of 39 weeks.


Members of Council are provided with parking permits for reserved stalls in City Hall.

Transit Passes

Members of Council are offered City transit passes and may or may not choose to accept them. 

Employee Savings and Discounts

Members of Council may take advantage of savings and discounts offered to all City employees, including a 50% discount for admission to City recreation facilities.   

Independent Council Compensation Committee 

An Independent Council Compensation Committee (ICCC) is established every two Council terms to review and make recommendations on the remuneration provided to Members of Council. This Committee is comprised of public members; no elected officials sit on the ICCC. 

2020 Council Compensation Review Final Report

2017 Council Compensation Review Final Report 

2012/2013 Council Compensation Review Final Report

2006 Council Compensation Review Final Report