The City of Edmonton is no longer accepting new applications for the Active Transportation Vehicle Share Program in the year 2021.

A review is currently underway to determine the appropriate number of service providers for Edmonton, taking into consideration the level of demand and safety and enforcement capacity.

We’re excited that there will be yet another way for people to travel around and experience our beautiful city and are working closely with companies to keep e-scooters safe and enjoyable: 

  • Parking and riding rules are in place to make sure that everyone can move safely around scooters and each other
  • Health and safety messages are provided to users through company apps as well as through company lead education events and street patrols
  • Companies will pick up e-scooters if they are damaged, outside of their operational zone, improperly parked, or to charge their batteries
  • Please contact the vendor directly if there are e-scooters parked incorrectly or cluttering a location 

Right now, three companies have licenses to run e-scooter shares in Edmonton. The City is not accepting new applications to the Active Transportation Vehicle Share Program for 2021.

Please note that e-scooters are not cleaned and disinfected between customers. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before and after using the equipment, and avoid touching your face during use. Maintain physical distancing when using e-scooters.

Where Can Electric Scooters Travel?
  • Bike lanes
  • Shared pathways 
  • Shared streets
  • Roads with a posted speed limit of 50km/h or less
  • E-scooters CANNOT be used on sidewalks, park trails not maintained by the City, or vehicle lanes designated for patio use on Jasper Avenue, Old Strathcona, or 124 Street 
  • Plan your route using the bike route maps
Where Shared Bikes and Scooters Can Be Parked

Bikes and e-scooters may be parked on sidewalks, parking lanes (except E-Park zones), and on parkland, however it’s important to ensure they are not blocking doors, or travel along sidewalks and paths.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Park in an upright position, with all wheels touching the ground
  • When parking on a sidewalk, you must be at least 0.5m from a curb and there must be a 1.8m clearance for people to walk along the sidewalk
  • When parking on parkland, do not park within a metre of a shared pathway or trail 
  • When parking at a Transit Centre or Community and Recreation Facility, only park in areas designated for bike parking without obstructing other bikes or the bike racks; do not park in the car stalls

Do not: 

  • Park in an area which will block people walking, biking or driving
  • Block doors, emergency exits, ramps, handrails, bus benches or bus shelters
  • Park in a bike lane, shared pathway, alley or loading zone; on a bridge or in a median island 
  • Park inside a Transit Centre or Community and Recreation Facility, on an LRT platform, or take it onto a bus*
  • Park within:
    • 1.5 metres of benches, E-Park pay stations, transit signs, call boxes, crosswalk buttons, utility box or poles
    • Five metres of a fire hydrant or fire department connection
    • One metre of a shrub bed, tree, or naturally occurring vegetation other than grass

*The bike racks on buses are not designed to carry e-scooters. You may walk your e-scooter through LRT stations and onto trains outside peak hours Monday to Friday (7:30-9am and 4-5:30pm) and on weekends or holidays. Please note the meter on the e-scooter will continue to run while riding the LRT. 

When sidewalks are less than 1.8 metres in width or in neighbourhoods with rolled curbs, you may park in the parking lane rather than on the sidewalk, provided it is within one vehicle width of the curb and not within the following restricted parking zones:

  • E-Park zone
  • No parking zone
  • No stopping zone
  • Disabled parking zone
  • Loading zone 

If you have questions about a bike or e-scooter’s condition or payment, see one parked incorrectly, or notice a cluttering issue, contact the related vendor directly.

How Bike and E-Scooter Shares Work

You can create an account with Bird Canada,  Lime Technology or Spin and download their mobile app to locate and unlock a bike, e-bike, or e-scooter. You can then use the app to pay for the time that you use bicycles, e-bikes and e-scooters on city bike lanes, shared paths and roadways.

Please follow the vendor’s directions on proper use and parking of the vehicle when ending a session. Each vehicle has a GPS tracking device that allows vendors to locate, collect and redistribute bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters as required. Trip fees may vary between vendors.

Wearing a helmet when riding a bike, e-bike or e-scooter is always a good idea. A helmet must be worn when using a bike or e-bike as per provincial regulations.

If you have questions about a bike or e-scooter’s condition or payment, see one parked incorrectly, or notice a cluttering issue, contact the related vendor directly.

Licensed vendors are required to report parking issues, known collisions, accidents, or injuries, and complaints regarding their bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters to the City.

Safe Travel Tips

In your car: 

  • Expect and look for people on e-scooters and bikes. Remember, e-scooters can travel along bike lanes, shared pathways, and roads with a speed limit of 50km/h or less. 

On a bike or e-scooter:

  • Read operation instructions provided by the vendor carefully to ensure you’re comfortable before you travel.
  • When crossing intersections, alleys, and access-ways, scan your path to make sure people driving see and yield to you.
  • Use the bell on the handlebar to alert others on bike lanes and shared paths if you plan to overtake and pass them. Always pass on the left. All shared bikes and e-scooters will be equipped with bells.

Approved Vendors

Contact the vendor directly to report all issues related to e-scooters. Licensed vendors are required to report parking issues, known collisions, accidents, or injuries, and complaints regarding the vehicles to the City.

Bird Canada Inc.
(866) 205-2442

Lime Technology Inc.
(888) LIME-345 (546-3345)

Spin Mobility Inc.
(437) 887-2744
Spin App