A photo of a commemorative tree

Honour loved ones or celebrate special occasions through a commemorative plaque and pedestal displayed near a newly planted tree in the City’s parks and open spaces.

The Commemorative Tree program is a City initiative that offers citizens an opportunity to commemorate an individual or event through the installation of a park tree - a lasting legacy to be enjoyed by future generations. 

Through the Commemorative Tree program, the City offers a variety of trees for planting in spring, May-June, and fall, September-October, throughout public green spaces. Please review the Tree Species Selection for a full list of available tree options. Your donation of $1,800 includes a selected tree, an inscribed aluminum plaque, granite pedestal and tree maintenance.

Throughout the process, you will work with an Urban Forester to facilitate the details of your donation, as well as complete an on-site visit to ensure that the selected tree is appropriate for the chosen location. Please note that the following locations are currently not available for Commemorative Tree plantings.

Permanently closed for the Commemorative Tree planting program:

  • Boyle Street Plaza
  • Constable Ezio Faraone Park
  • Dove of Peace
  • Hawrelak Park
  • Henry Martell Park
  • Muttart Grounds
  • ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ Indigenous Art Park
  • Rossdale Neighbourhood

Temporarily closed due to construction:

  • Balwin Park
  • Baturyn Park
  • Belvedere Park
  • Braids Park
  • Confederation Park
  • Coronation Park
  • Glengarry Park
  • Louise McKinney Park
  • Robert Brett Park
  • Rollie Miles Athletic Grounds
  • W.C "Tubby" Bateman Park
  • Zoie Gardener Park
  • Neighbourhoods undergoing renewal

New pedestals and plaques will be displayed for a 10-year time period beginning from the date of the new tree installation. Prior to the end of this Commemoration Period, the Donor can submit a Renewal Application to request that the City continue to display the plaque under the Commemorative Tree for an additional fee and period of time. Please see Commemorative Tree Program Guidelines for a comprehensive outline of the program.

Donor Application Process

Before You Apply
  • Research program details on the Commemorative Tree website, including the Commemorative Tree Program Guidelines.
  • Consider a tree planting location(s). Commemorative Tree plantings occur within public green spaces and parks throughout City neighbourhoods. Community Forestry will support a Commemorative Tree planting within a public greenspace so long as we receive approval from stakeholders and ensure that the requested location can accommodate a newly installed tree.
  • Consider the commemorative inscription. The application form will ask the applicant what they would like written on the plaque as the dedication. There is a character limit of 20 letters per line, and the plaque can accommodate six lines of text.
  • Consider the tree species for the commemoration by referencing the tree species section list for the options that are available through the program. Please note that if you would like to request a Commemorative Tree planted near a natural or naturalized area, a native tree species will be a requirement.
  • For questions, please contact the Program Coordinator by phoning 311 or by email to communityforestry@edmonton.ca.
  • Commemorative Tree application forms are emailed to interested Donors when the program is accepting new applications from spring to fall. Application forms can also be mailed to applicants, if requested
  • During the winter months, applicants can have their names placed on a list to receive an application form when the program reopens in the spring
  • Please submit a general inquiry by phoning 311 or emailing communityforestry@edmonton.ca to apply for the program, or if you need assistance filling out the application form
  • The application form will ask the applicant to provide the plaque dedication details, the tree species and location requested for the commemoration, and the Donor and Alternate Contact information
  • The Program Coordinator will schedule a site meeting with the Donor, if the park or greenspace location is acceptable, to discuss the three preferred locations for planting within the park or greenspace:
    • All new Commemorative Tree installations will be circulated to stakeholders and will require approval. The circulation process could take up to six weeks to complete.
    • Once feedback is received following the circulation process and approval has been received from stakeholders, the Program Coordinator will arrange for an underground utility locate check.
  • The Program Coordinator will work with the Donor to develop a proof for the commemorative plaque dedication
  • The Program Coordinator will send a confirmation email that the Donor has been accepted into the program for the current year and confirm the inscription details for the plaque and the billing information
  • The Donor must respond to the confirmation email within 30 days and pay the invoice upon receipt
  • The Program Coordinator will work with the Donor to facilitate the Commemorative Tree request
  • Commemorative Tree installations take place in spring, May-June, and fall, September-October
  • The Program Coordinator will email you an update with a photo of the newly completed Commemorative Tree installation
  • The 10-year Commemorative Period will begin on the date the tree installation occurred