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Man and woman doing backyard composting.

Want To Learn About Composting?

These 2-hour workshops are $10 per family (only one member need register) and they will provide you with everything you need to start composting. If you begin in spring, you will have finished compost to spread in the fall.



What You Will Learn

You will learn the "Greens Browns Water Air" approach to maintaining a compost pile. This approach uses simple scientific principles to guide your composting experience and is flexible to fit your lifestyle. You'll feel empowered to compost almost anything.

You'll know what not to compost and why, and where to use caution.

You'll see a dozen different compost systems at work, and be able to use the tools before you buy anything, to find what works best for you.

You'll learn how our climate affects our soil and get some tips for composting year-round. Yes, even in January!

You'll learn how compost contributes to turning our silty-clay soil into deep, rich topsoil and how other simple gardening strategies will build soil faster.

Upcoming Workshops

To sign up, call 311 or register online.

Compost Awareness Week Workshops
Compost Awareness Week is Sunday May 5 to Saturday May 11!

An international event to celebrate what compost does for soil, health, and community.

Basic Composting Workshops at Compost 'S cool at River Loop Trail

Sunday May 5 from 1-3pm
Register on Facebook, or call 780-496-5526.

Saturday May 11 from 2-4pm
Register on Facebook, or call 780-496-5526.

We host workshops throughout the City — call 780-496-5526 to request one for your office or garden club. 

Summer Workshops
Keep Composting! 

Compost 'S cool is open and staffed on weekends from Victoria Day through Labour Day.


  • Composting
  • Soil Building
  • Mulching
  • Weed and Pest Management
  • Indoor methods (including Bokashi, Vermiculture and Composting Toilets)
Compost Workshops

Just learning the basics? We’ve still got our famous Basic Composting Workshop to introduce you to the world of soil and get you started. Rated 5/5.

  • Sunday July 21 at 9am
  • Saturday August 3 at 9am
  • Sunday August 18 at 1:30pm
Carbon Farming Workshops – NEW!

What turns our silty clay into healthy topsoil? CARBON! Learn the latest science about soil and see how to use simple materials in a way that captures carbon to improve soil.

  • These are done for the summer, but have been so popular that they will return in fall.
Weed Workshops are Back

Learn how different weeds contribute to your soil so you can use them instead of fighting them.

  • Just ONE LEFT! - Sunday August 18 at 9am
Teachers' Workshops are Back

Saturday August 31 – Build a worm bin for your classroom. Learn the basics of setting up, maintaining and harvesting a Vermiculture; create a recycling station and a teaching tool. Leave with your bin, resources for the classroom and great advice from fellow teachers. Sign up on EventBrite.

New Thanksgiving Event (So new it doesn’t have a name yet!)

Monday October 14 at 1pm

Bring your best compost, leaf mould, castings, or soil. We’ll mix our materials to create a microbe- and nutrient-rich blend, and then you’ll take home as much as you brought. Use it to inoculate your compost pile or garden.

Healthy soil is full of tiny living things that help plants grow. Damaged soil can lack many beneficial organisms. This event is about sharing the life in our soil and helping each other grow.

By sharing microbes we increase biodiversity and help heal chemical damage caused by our misunderstanding of soil over many decades.

Pumpkin Smash

Saturday November 2 – Last year 300 kids smashed over 500 pumpkins. You know you want to be part of that! Watch for details about this event on Facebook@CompostScool.

Corporate Lunch 'N Learn

Host a free 45 minute presentation and watch your business "go green" with the help of our waste reduction specialists.

Topics Available:

Compost like a pro with simple tips from the City's Compost Doctors. They'll help you understand the process so you can easily create a product that will help you reach your gardening goals.

"Carbon Farming” is a horticultural solution to the Greenhouse effect.  If just one percent of humans became carbon farmers all the CO2 emissions produced in a year would be drawn down into the soil. Learn how you can make a few simple changes in your house and garden to start farming carbon this spring.

Turn Clay into Soil!  Learn the natural processes involved in Soil Building so you can improve your weedy, compacted, poorly growing garden.  Healthy plants grow best where soil building techniques improve depth, tilth and aeration.

Call 780-496-5526.

Host a Workshop

Host a workshop for your social club or Community Garden. Free to not-for-profit groups in the Edmonton region.

Topics range from basic to more advanced:

  • Basic Composting
  • Mulching
  • Indoor Composting (Worms or Bokashi)
  • Soil Building
  • Working with Weeds
  • Carbon Farming

Keep Composting Newsletter

Timely information and guidance, four times per year.

For More Information

Our staff and volunteers are ready to answer your questions or even visit your yard to help you compost better.

Media inquiries should be directed through the appropriate media contact.

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