In partnership with Edmonton employers, the ETS@Work program provides employees with a monthly discount of up to 24% off the cost of a regular adult monthly pass, plus further eligibility for a federal tax credit.

Benefits for Employees
  • Access to a Discounted Pass
    Save up to 24% off the regular adult monthly pass fare.
  • Reduce Travelling Expenses
    Under this program, you can drive your vehicle less, which means using less gas, reducing vehicle wear and tear and not needing to worry about parking.
  • Convenient Payment Option 
    Your employer handles the required payments via payroll deduction.
  • Easy Application Process
    To get your employer involved, refer them to this webpage, or have them phone the ETS Customer Programs Coordinator (780-423-5037).
Benefits for Employers
  • Supporting a Green future
  • Adopting the ETS@Work program provides organizations with a means to become environmental leaders and support an active lifestyle within our vibrant City.
  • Employee Retention
    Many employers add the ETS@Work program to their benefits package to attract and retain good employees. Several companies have found the program to offer a competitive edge within Edmonton's labour market.
  • Customized Appeal
    Beyond matching the discount provided by ETS, employers have the option to customize the discount further. In fact, some companies choose to offer the ETS@Work Pass to their employees for free.
  • Reduced Parking Concerns
    Making better use of existing employee parking sites can bring long term cost and administrative savings.
The Process

 Step 1: The employer signs on to the program agreeing to purchase a minimum of 10 passes a month. The employer is required to match the ETS discount of 12% off the regular adult monthly pass fare, thus, providing their employees with a total discount of about 24%. Employers are welcome to increase their portion of the discount at their own discretion.  

Step 2: Employers are responsible for contracting with participating employees and administering the payroll deductions.

Step 3: Passes are conveniently ordered online using a corporate credit card and then shipped directly to the employer via courier. 

Step 4: Passes are always ordered a month in advance of validity.

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact the ETS Customer Programs Coordinator (780-423-5037) to get the preliminary information you need.

Step 2: Once you have established that your organization is ready to proceed, you (the employer) must complete the ETS@Work Employer Application form.

Step 3: Once approved, formal agreements will be sent to you to be signed by the appropriate authority and returned to ETS for completion. 

Step 4: After the formal agreements have been completed by all parties, an account through the Online Store will be created for ordering. The ETS Customer Programs Coordinator will arrange a date with you (the employer) to place your first order.  

For further information and specifics please contact the ETS Customer Programs Coordinator (780-423-5037).