Funding Offsite Sanitary Trunk Projects

The Sanitary Servicing Strategy Fund (SSSF) was developed as a way to combine the resources of developers, new home builders, the City and EPCOR to build the largest deep sanitary sewer trunk lines. These trunk lines will serve residential and non-residential growth in Edmonton’s new development areas. The SSSF is used to build sewers larger than 1.05 meters in diameter and serve areas larger than 1,400 hectares.

The ​SSSF trunk lines are depicted as part of the major sanitary trunk map , showing both existing and proposed future SSSF trunk lines. The map depicts two potential sewer trunk alignments for the South Edmonton Sanitary Sewer (SESS) trunk flows terminating at either Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant or the Alberta Capital Region Water Commission Plant.

This dual routing responds to Executive Committee’s direction of May 2021 to show the two possible routes until a decision on the SESS trunk routing is needed. EPCOR anticipates that a decision on routing is not needed before 2030, at which time City administration will advance a routing recommendation to Utility Committee for deliberation that reflects public engagement and regional input.

On February 22,  2023, a report to amend the ultimate servicing plan for the Riverview area as recommended by EPCOR was approved by City Council.