Get Involved

Thank you to everyone who provided additional feedback on the Whyte Avenue corridor through the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy engagement.  We are currently reviewing the input received and a What We Heard report summarizing the feedback will be available later this spring.

Combining engagement for the Old Strathcona Public Realm Strategy and the Whyte Avenue Mass Transit corridor allowed Edmontonians to consider all the public realm changes in the area, providing a holistic view of the future vision for Old Strathcona. 

View the full engagement history.

Project Focus

Building off the Mass Transit: Planning for 1.25 Million People project, implementation will focus on going into the next level of detail for the mass transit network for 1.25 million people. These details include confirming mass transit route alignments and outlining, at a high level, how the streets with mass transit might look.

Mass transit planning implementation graphic

The current mass transit network includes LRT as the foundation. This project includes planning the bus mass transit routes to supplement the LRT network, creating a city-wide mass transit network. Local bus service will be unchanged as a result of this project, except in cases where the local bus service is redundant with the mass transit network. 

View the concept graphic for an integrated transit network.