Edmonton has several official symbols that have been carefully designed to represent our unique heritage and character. These symbols are an important part of our culture and should always be used in an appropriate and intended manner. 

 Coat of Arms

Edmonton City Crest

  • The City Crest is an official symbol that reflects Edmonton’s history, geography and aspirations
  • The elements include:
    • Mace: Edmonton’s preeminent status as Alberta’s capital city
    • Sun emblazoned on the shield: Edmonton’s above-average amount of sunshine
    • Winged wheel: Edmonton’s importance as an aviation and industrial centre
    • Wavy ribbon: The North Saskatchewan River
    • Sheaf: Agriculture
    • Explorer (left): The city’s fur trading heritage
    • Athena, Goddess of Wisdom (right): Education and the University of Alberta


          Edmonton one-colour square logo
  • Represents our organization, the City of Edmonton
  • The original City logo was developed in 1976 and adopted in 1977
  • In 2016, the logo was updated, retaining elements of the original but in a cleaner, more modern form
  • Consistent with our past, it makes our mark in a new way


City of Edmonton Flag

  • Incorporates the City of Edmonton Coat of Arms on a white field with two blue borders
  • Blue symbolizes strength and the North Saskatchewan River
  • White signifies peace

The Mayor’s Chain of Office

Mayor Chain
  • Is worn by the Mayor at ceremonial functions
  • Each link represents a community element and symbolizes people joined in a common cause
  • The chain rests on a prime beaver pelt, which recognizes Edmonton’s origins as a Hudson’s Bay Company Trading Post
  • The gold and silver badges represent military and police units that have served Edmonton

City Tartan

City tartan
  • The predominant colour is light blue which symbolizes the clear blue of the prairie sky
  • Green represents agriculture
  • Yellow represents the sun of the long summer days and prairie wheat
  • White represents peace, from the City flag, and for the long months of snow
  • The city’s official colours of purple and gold are also included, with the gold also representing the marigold, Edmonton’s official flower

Official Flower: The Marigold

Orange marigold flower

  • Symbolizes sunny Alberta and Edmonton’s role in the Klondike Gold Rush of the 1890s
  • Like the flower’s many varieties, Edmonton is home to a vibrant medley of different cultures and backgrounds.