Learn how to place a portable sign on road right-of-way and where.

Temporary Portable Sign Program

The City of Edmonton Temporary Portable Sign Program provides space for advertising information about community events or charitable causes on the City’s road right-of-way. The program enables portable signs to be placed at designated non-profit sign locations via a collaboration between community organizations and temporary portable sign companies that have an active agreement with the City of Edmonton.


Organizations must be: 

  • A non-profit corporation, society or co-operative such as community associations, sport or recreation clubs, faith-based organizations, arts and cultural groups and volunteer organizations that have active registration with the Government of Alberta, Corporation Registration System (CORES) or are listed with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) as an active charity
  • A school established under the School Act or the Post-secondary Learning Act
  • An Alberta Approved Farmers’ Markets that has been approved by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry and as such meets the requirements of the program guidelines that have been approved by the Minister
Content Requirements

The information being advertised is limited to:

  • The details of a community event that positively impacts local community spirit and occurs within the City of Edmonton, or
  • Be related to a charitable cause that is of broad interest to the local community
Permit Approval Process

Permits are issued by the City to the sign companies and the organizations they work with. Sign companies submit all permit applications through the City’s online application portal.

If you are an organization that would like to place a temporary portable sign please contact a sign company with an active agreement with the City to apply for the permit and place the sign.


Portable signs for organizations are only allowed at pre-approved locations designated as Non-Profit Sign Locations.

Temporary Portable Signs on Private Property

This program does not address portable signs on private property. The use of portable signs on titled lands is governed by Zoning Bylaw 12800.  For more information, please visit Temporary Signs on private property.