Civic Events Application Process

The application processing time may vary according to the complexity and level of civic services required. Small events with few services needed could be approved in a short amount of time. Larger events with many activities and many City services needed can take much longer to review and approve.

Applications must be received at least 6 weeks prior to your estimated event date. The information gathered is used to check availability of the dates and locations and to ensure your event is suitable for the proposed location.

You'll be asked for basic information on the form including:

  • Event location (parkland, open spaces, mixed-use trails, roadways, sidewalks, etc)
  • Event dates and times including set up and take down time required
  • Type of event
  • Basic contact information

NOTE: Submitting an application does not imply that your event is approved or that your proposed location or date is confirmed. Do not advertise your event until you have received approval to proceed from the City of Edmonton.

Stages of the Event Application Process

Application Form Selection Tool

The City of Edmonton is pleased to offer public space to organizations and individuals wishing to plan events. Our selection tool is designed to display the appropriate application form information based on your location choice.

Community groups are invited to recognize their cause, celebrate and build community spirit in Edmonton. Options include: 

• Submit a request to Light the Bridge for consideration

• Request a special proclamation, letter, certificate, or a unique message from the Mayor

• Submit a Bridge Banner Program Application for consideration

    Preliminary Review and Assignment

    Once an application is submitted to the Civic Events & Festival section, it will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a Festivals and Events Liaison who will determine the next steps specific to your request.

    Events are booked in the following priority:

    1. Historical/annual/recurring events with same date(s)/timeframe and location as previous year
    2. Historical/annual/recurring events with new date/location request
    3. New event requests

    Information Gathering

    If the site is available, and the event is deemed suitable for the specified location(s), you will receive a Confirmation of Use from your liaison which will place a hold until all applicable requirements are met. Alternative locations will be discussed with you if the desired location is not available or unable to support the event size and scope.

    The Festival & Events Liaison will contact you to gather additional information, issue a Confirmation of Use and List of Requirements. The Festivals & Events Liaison will provide guidance about which permits and approvals may be required, what approvals will be needed, which civic services may be required and what the potential costs could be.

    At this point, you are free to begin advertising your event. If, at any point, up to and including the day of your event, you fail to provide the required permits and licenses, or fail any required inspections, all or a portion of your event may be cancelled by the approving authority.

    The Festivals & Events Liaison will work with you throughout the process and will always be available to guide you and answer any questions you may have.

    Important Information for Event Organizers

    Mandatory requirements for all events:

    • Certificate of Insurance: Events held on public property must provide a minimum of $2 Million liability coverage with the City of Edmonton listed as an “Additional Insured”. Depending on the size and scope of your event, additional liability coverage may be required. The following mailing address is to be used on the Certification of Insurance:

    City of Edmonton
    2nd Floor, City Hall
    1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
    Edmonton, Alberta
    Canada T5J 2R7

    • Event Emergency Response Plan: Organizers are required to provide a detailed plan that identifies how they plan to mitigate risks and respond to emergencies during the event to ensure the safety and well-being of your participants, staff, volunteers, and on-site property. The event is required to have a plan that is proportional to the scope and scale of the event. An Event Emergency Response Plan:
      • Assists in identifying risks or potential risks
      • Assists in identifying what measures need to be put in place for the safety and well-being of the public and participants who will be attending the event
      • Reduces the risk of loss of life and property damage resulting from an emergency

    Additional Civic Services

    There may be costs associated with civic services required for your event. Civic services include (but are not limited to):

    • Civic event policing (including Peace Officers, Park Rangers, Edmonton Police Services (EPS), parking and bylaw enforcement)
    • Road closures: All events on road right-of-ways require a Civic Event Roadway Permit or Parade/Procession Permit, except Block Parties
    • Transportation of City property (picnic tables, waste receptacles, fire pits)
    • Custodial support
    • Electrical access or other electrical support
    • Edmonton Transit Services (ETS) detours and/or charters
    • Alberta Health Services: Emergency Medical Services (AHS-EMS)
    • Permits (tents, vending, building, business development, parking)