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Home renovation and building projects are challenging and rewarding for homeowners. Making sure you have all the required City of Edmonton permits and documents before you start is an important first step towards a successful project.

Permits are here for your protection. They’re the result of years of experience, testing and feedback. Having the proper permits will ensure what is being built is safe, and that the appearance and use is consistent with the rest of your neighbourhood.

The correct permits also ensure that development on your property meets the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw and Safety Codes Bylaw requirements as well as the standards of the Alberta Building Code.

Timing your Permit Application

To make sure you can start your residential project as soon as possible, the most important thing you can do is ensure that you have all your documents and plans completed accurately when you apply for your permit.

The City of Edmonton encourages property owners to submit their applications well before their anticipated project start date.

The permit processing time depends on the complexity of your application and the number of applications received.

Applications for projects submitted during the busy residential construction season, May to September, may take longer to process.

Structural Changes or Construction Before Permits

Any new construction or alteration made to a structure before permits are obtained will result in double fees for the required permits.

If you have questions about preparing the permit application, documents and plans, visit the Edmonton Service Centre, or contact Development Services.

Additional Resources


External Links

Government of Alberta Municipal Affairs

Municipal Affairs sets the building codes for the entire province and can provide information about building regulations.

Alberta Building Code

Building codes can be purchased from the Government of Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Safety Codes Council

The Safety Codes Council and its partners have been managing the safety codes system in Alberta since 1991.

Service Alberta - Land Titles

Service Alberta is responsible for registering land ownership rights in Alberta.

Alberta One Call

Call Alberta One Call before you dig. They will alert you of any utilities in the area you are digging.


ATCO is a utilities company that services Edmonton.

City of Edmonton Links

Compliance Certificates

A Compliance Certificate is a City report confirming that all buildings and structures on a property meet the Zoning Bylaw regulations.

Landscaping Regulations

Common landscaping standards that apply to all homeowners.

Zoning Confirmation Letter

Property owners can apply for a zoning confirmation letter which will verify the property's zoning.

Zoning Bylaw

The Zoning Bylaw regulates development on private land in Edmonton.


General Information and Services

Cancellation and/or Refund Request Form
An application to request a refund prior to a decision being made or a permit or licence being issued on the following types of jobs: Development Permits, Building Permits, Licence Fees, Plumbing and Gas Permit Fees, Heating and Ventilation Permit Fees, Compliance and Encroachment Fees.

Change a Compliance Request from Regular to Express service
To change the Compliance service from Regular to Express, please contact Development Services. The fee calculation is the difference between regular and express.

Encroachment Application Form
To apply for approval allowing a building or structure to continue to be located on or over City property.

Leave as Built Application Form
A confirmation by the City that applies to buildings that had appropriate development permits issued, but the building was built in a different location than what was approved.

Search of Records Request Form
To apply for either plan or file search on a property or building. This request must be made by the owner or by an acting agent on behalf of the owner.

Zoning Confirmation Application Form
An application to confirm the zoning of a particular property.

Other Construction Application Forms

Plumbing and Gas Application Form (Contractor Form)
To apply for approval to install or alter plumbing and gas equipment.

Plumbing and Gas Application Form (Homeowner Form)
Single family homeowners who apply for this permit must own and reside in the residence and be doing the work themselves.
Homeowners can only apply for gas permits for existing homes. They are not allowed to submit a gas permit for work being done in a new single family home.
All applications will be required to provide a detailed drawing including pipe sizing for the work they are doing.
Faxed or mailed applications from homeowners will not be accepted.

Private Sewage Disposal System Application Form
An application for a sewage disposal system for new homes and for system replacements for older homes.

Re-inspection request form
Application form used to pay for fees when a re-inspection is required. These fees must be paid before the re-inspection can be done.

Residential Building Application Form
An application for approval regarding development or construction projects on a residential property/building that include additions, garages, and sheds.
If construction is for a new house, use the New House Combo application form.

Sewer and Water Application Form
To apply for approval to install or alter sewer and water equipment.

Working Drawing Submission Form
Form to be filled out when submitting new or revised working drawings.

Waiver Form
A legal document between an applicant and the City for the purpose of beginning work on a project prior to the final appeal process.

Home Construction

Basement Development Application Form
To apply for approval on developing a basement if permits are deemed a requirement.

Deck Construction Application Form
An application used to get approval to construct a deck, either uncovered or covered.
Uncovered Deck under 6 feet Construction Design Form

Electrical Permit Application Form - Contractors
An application form for an electrical permit being applied for by a Electrical Contractor.

Electrical Permit Application Form - Homeowner
An application form to apply for an electrical permit when a homeowner is doing their own electrical work.

Garage Application Form and Garage Information
An application for the construction of a detached garage, and other relevant information.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heating and Ventilation Application Form (Contractor Form)
To apply for approval to install or alter heating and ventilation equipment.

Heating and Ventilation Application Form (Homeowner Form)
Single family homeowners who apply for this permit are required to own and reside at the property and be doing the work themselves.
Homeowner applications must be done in person at our office. Faxed or mailed applications from homeowners will not be accepted.

GeoExchange System Application Form
A GeoExchange System, commonly known as a Geothermal System, is a network of piping in the ground with a closed loop fluid circulation that allows for heat transfer between a building HVAC system and the ground. GeoExchange systems can improve the energy efficiency of building heating and cooling systems.

The GeoExchange System Installation Application form provides the City of Edmonton with sufficient information about the proposed GeoExchange system to ensure building code and industry best practice compliance of any buildings it may connect to.

New Home Construction

As of February 1, 2014, all new home building permit applications are required under the New Home Buyer Protection Act (Municipal Affairs of the Alberta Government) to supply one of the following before a building permit can be issued:
Warranty Confirmation number
An exemption letter from the Alberta Government

Please ensure you use the updated application forms to provide this required information.

For more information about the warranty program see:

New House Permit Application Form (with or without a new secondary suite)
To apply for approval to build a new single-detached house, semi-detached house, rowhouse, or garden suite, which includes all of the development, building, plumbing, gas, heating, sewer and water permits.

This application can also include the construction of a new secondary suite as long as this construction is being done at the same time as the construction of the new home.
If the secondary suite is being constructed after the home is built, you will need to fill out the Secondary Suite for an Existing Single Family Home application form below.

Secondary Suite for an Existing Single Family Home Application Form
An application to apply for permits to build either a new secondary suite into an existing single family home or to apply for permits for a secondary suite that has already been built without permits into an existing single family home.


The following brochures have been created to help you understand the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw, the Alberta Building Code, and licence bylaws.

Permits and Services

Curb Crossing
Information about costs associated with curb crossing requests.

Need an Encroachment Agreement?
Explains what to do when a portion of your development is beyond your property line.


Developing Property Near a Ravine
General information about developing property near a ravine or in the river valley.

Displaying your address clearly
Information regarding address display requirements for properties.


Changing a Land Use Zone in the City of Edmonton
Explains the steps to apply to have current zoning changed to new zoning

Subdivision of Land in Edmonton
Explains the steps required to apply to subdivide property in Edmonton

A General Summary of Land Use Zones
Explains what activities and uses are included in the various zones


Building a Fence?
Outlines the regulations for residential fencing.

Building a Shed?
Explains the standards and regulations on size and placement of a residential shed.

Building an Uncovered Deck?
Outlines construction regulations for residential side or rear yard uncovered decks.

Developing Your Basement?
Explains the regulations for basement alterations and development.

Guide to Landscaping your home
Explains the regulations for landscaping your home.

Installing a Hot Tub?
Outlines regulations related to hot tubs or any type of body of water deeper than two feet on your property. Also refers to swimming pools and ponds.

Installing a Satellite Dish?
Explains installation requirements of a satellite dish placed on your property whether it is self-standing on a post or attached to the building.

For More Information

Edmonton Service Centre

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Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday
8am to 4:30pm

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In Edmonton: 311
Outside Edmonton: 780-442-5311

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