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A smoke alarm is your first line of defence if there is a fire in your home. Fire fatalities occur as a result of breathing in smoke and toxic gases, not from the fire itself. Early detection is vital for survival.

Install alarms throughout your home. Remember that smoke rises: place them on the ceiling or high up on a wall.

Seventy percent of people who die in home fires don't have smoke alarms or their smoke alarms aren't working.

Be sure the smoke alarm bears the label of an independent testing lab and test the batteries regularly.

How to Maintain a Smoke Alarm


smoke alarm

  • Test monthly
  • Replace batteries annually
  • Vacuum out every 6 months
  • Replace alarm when it is more than ten years old

Home Smoke Alarm Safety Checklist

  • How many alarms are in your home?
  • Are there alarms on every level of the home?
  • Do they all work?
  • How often do you test them?
  • Are any alarms more than ten years old?

Smoke Alarm Program

Over the last decade, 56% of fire fatalities have been attributed to either a faulty smoke detector or the absence of a smoke detector in the home. In 76% of fatal fires, dead or incorrectly installed batteries caused smoke detector failures.

The bottom line? Smoke detectors save lives.

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