Learn about the evolution of parking, ongoing reporting and improvements to the EPark service.

In support of local business and economic recovery through Stage 4 of the Province’s Path Forward, the first 30 minutes of every parking session in curbside EPark zones is currently free. Please ensure that you start your parking session on the MyEPark app or at an EPark machine and you will receive the first 30 minutes of your parking stay free.

Users are encouraged to download the MyEPark app for contactless payment options. Otherwise, EPark customers should take proper precautions to clean/sanitize hands thoroughly after using payment machines.

Launched October 21, 2015 - EPark is the City of Edmonton’s owned and operated paid parking program - managing paid parking at all curbside locations across the city and at three parkades - City Hall Parkade, Library Parkade and Canada Place Parkade.


  • EPark exists to deliver consistent and efficient parking services that align with the City of Edmonton’s Vision and Strategic Plan
  • EPark provides relevant parking experiences that use leading parking technology
  • EPark strives to make each parking experience effortless and accessible to its customers