A quick look at the project timeline for the Edmonton Bike Plan.

FINAL Bike Plan - Completed

The Bike Plan was 2 years in the making and built with the feedback of over 11,000 Edmontonians. After undergoing a further review over the summer, the plan is ready to be shared.

Read the Bike Plan (20MB)

Phase 3 - Priorities and Tradeoffs - Completed

  • What trade-offs do we need to consider in implementing the Bike Plan?
  • What goals and actions should be identified as part of implementation?

Engagement Opportunities|Feb-Mar 2020, Oct-Nov 2019

Phase 2: Preferences and Principles - Completed

  • How will our aspiration and values take form?
  • What is important in how we build our bike network?
  • What principles should guide how we plan our bike network?

Engagement Opportunities|May-July 2019

Phase 1: Aspiration and Values - Completed

  • Is Edmonton a bike-friendly city?
  • How do you imagine biking in Edmonton in the future?
  • What is our shared aspiration and values for biking in Edmonton?

Engagement Opportunities|Sep-Nov 2018